Policy Pillars

Access and Circulation – Transportation

The Chamber Supports:

  • The realization of the LUCE’s vision of an integrated multimodal transportation system – including pedestrians, bikes, a downtown circulator, the Big Blue Bus, the Expo light rail, cars, ride share programs, and taxis.
  • Actively promoting first mile / last mile connections to transit.
  • The creation of Transportation Management Associations.
  • Partnering with the City to educate our membership, community and visitors about sustainable transportation alternatives.
  • The City’s development of improvements to wayfinding and the use of new technologies to simplify the transportation decision making process for our community and visitors.

Built Environment

The Chamber Supports:

  • The implementation of the LUCE and its vision for preserving 96% of the city – focusing responsible development around transit nodes and along major boulevards.
  • A predictable, timely, and transparent development application and permitting process for both small and large projects.
  • The City enacting reasonable and competitive development fees to realize the goals of the LUCE.
  • A wide range of housing options – including opportunities for both renters and buyers of all income levels.
  • The LUCE’s goal of creating new housing and employment options near transit.
  • A balance of land uses to support economic diversity.
  • Flexibility in design guidelines to encourage creative design.

Economic Development

The Chamber Supports:

  • A vital local economy as an essential part of maintaining and improving our quality of life.
  • Investing in public infrastructure and services that provide the foundation for economic growth.
  • Providing a world-class education to all students to help prepare them for their careers.
  • Helping businesses both small and large through all stages of their evolution.
  • Encouraging media, entertainment, and technology enterprises to locate and expand in Santa Monica and the promotion of Santa Monica as “Silicon Beach”.
  • Educating our community and our City decision makers about the positive impacts and benefits of business to Santa Monica.
  • Promoting Santa Monica as a world class tourism destination.

Art & Culture

The Chamber Supports:

  • Promoting Santa Monica as a global arts and cultural Mecca.
  • Public investment in local arts and cultural institutions.


The Chamber Supports:

  • A combination of both local and regional strategies for addressing homelessness.


The Chamber Supports:

  • Policies that would provide incentives for businesses and property owners to make their operations more energy and resource efficient.

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